Travel Reimbursements (CSS Business & Financial Services)

For all individual travel reimbursements for UC and non-UC Individuals, the requester must submit a travel reimbursement form (foreign or domestic). For travelers who purchase airline tickets electronically, itinerary can be substituted for receipt. Non-Us citizens must submit a copy of a completed UC W-8BEN, Certificate of Academic Activity, and provide a copy of a passport and I-94 (Visa status, inside stamp of passport).  Please submit your completed Travel Reimbursement Request Form in BearBuy with receipts and supporting documents on a Campus Shared Services Non-Purchase Request Form.

For advance airfare arrangements, Connexxus is the UC system wide on line travel portal used for arranging business-related travel for faculty, student field study, staff, and hosted guests, and has replaced Carlson Wagonlit Travel as the campus approved travel booking option. For information on booking air line reservations and obtaining a direct bill authorization id, please visit the UC Berkeley Travel Site.

Meal allotments for Travel per day (per person):

  • $71 per day for travel lasting 1 - 29 days

 Mileage reimbursement rates

 Travel Checklist

  • Trip purpose
  • Date of Travel
  • Explicit destination of travel
  • Traveler's signature
  • Approval signature
  • Names on receipts matches traveler's name being reimbursed
  • Mileage reimbursements – vehicle license plate number & proof of liability insurance provided
  • Original itemized receipts required for lodging, airfare, rental car, and registration fees
  • Receipts for local transportation costing $75 or more
  • Receipts for each miscellaneous expense of $75 or more
  • Receipts for all private aircraft landing and parking expenses
  • Receipts for all extraordinary items, such as repair of accidental car damage, supported by appropriate justification
  • Receipts for gifts provided to a host costing $25 or more
  • An agenda, itemized receipt, or other supporting documentation for all registration fees
  • Any reimbursable item not specified above costing $75 or more
  • Verify total
  • Use of appropriate funding source


Note:  Processing time is 2-4 business days.  Checks are distributed by Disbursements 7-10 business days after processing.