Reimbursements (CSS Business & Financial Services)

The Reimbursement unit can assist you with all your reimbursement, payment requests and inquiries for business-related Travel, Entertainment, and General Reimbursement requests.

Campus Shared Services Team 9 Department Transactions

All reimbursement and payment requests are requested in BearBuy.

For transactions listed below, please use the Payment Request Form, unless otherwise noted. 

  • Travel Reimbursements – For Vendors
  • Transportation Invoices
  • Department of Homeland Security Payments
  • Travel Advance Requests
    • Must include flight itinerary and proposed budget
  • General Reimbursements (Including Relocation)
  • Petty Cash Reimbursements – Human Subject Payments and General
  • Honoraria Payments/Participant Support Stipend Payments
  • Entertainment Reimbursement/Payments –For Non UC Individuals and Vendors
  • Entertainment and Travel Related Contracts (Using Off Campus Events Form)


For transactions listed below, please use the Campus Shared Services Non-Purchase Request Form.
  • Travel Reimbursements - For all indviduals
  • Entertainment Reimbursements - For all UCB employees and UCB students.