Regulatory Research Administration

Welcome to Team 9 Regulatory Research Administration

The Team 9 Research Compliance team serves as a resource for investigators and study staff, answers questions about the compliance needs of proposed and active research projects, and provides information on federal, state, and university compliance regulations and policy.

Getting Started

For new studies it is important that the Principal Investigator (PI) contact the Research Compliance Unit to discuss the project. PI’s will be assigned a skilled Research Compliance Analyst (RCA) who will meet with you to discuss the details of the study, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) submission process and what our services are regarding managing the regulatory administration of the protocol and your regulatory portfolio.  Please note, Team 9 Regulatory Research Administration is not the Institutional Review Board.

Currently we provide services for research involving human subjects, but will offer a full range of compliance support to the larger RES community in the future.

Submission Process

The RCA will work closely with the PI to determine the type of submission and required supporting documentation needed. A thorough compliance review of the protocol will be performed to ensure compliance with Federal, State, and IRB policies and guidelines. The RCA will act as
liaison between PI and the IRB Office.

Types of Review

  • Exempt Review
  • Expedited Review
  • Renewal/Continuing Research
  • Amendments
  • Collaborative Research with other UC Campus and/or LBNL
  • Collaborative Research with other institutions


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