Human Resources

The Team 9 Human Resources team provides services on the full range of human resources matters. We are committed to providing the highest level of responsive, confidential, and expert service possible to our employees and managers. Team 9 Human Resources Specialists provide services in the following areas:

  • Processing of personnel actions (new appointments, reappointments, merits, promotions, reviews, separations)
  • Recruitment and hiring coordination
  • Visa processing and counseling
  • Performance and merit review coordination
  • Information, interpretation of, and best practices regarding policies, union contracts, campus personnel procedures, and compliance procedures
  • Assistance with benefits counseling and savings/retirement options, worker's compensation, and rehabilitation procedures
  • Staff personnel actions
  • Payroll processing, pay adjustments, absences, vacation, and sick leave accrual

Appointment Processing Times

Appointment processing times are described fully on the Employment & Procedures page and are also listed wherever we provide guidance for specific appointment types.