Career & Limited Staff

Visit this page for human resources tools and tips relating to career, limited, and temporary staff members.

Staff Appointment Processing Times

  • Campus HR reviews the job description and establishes the job title. The position is listed (usually for two weeks) on the UC employment site.
  • The appointment request material should be provided to Team 9 Human Resources eight weeks prior to the proposed start date to allow ample time for approval, posting, recruitment, selection, and salary review.

For Supervisors:

Hires & Separations

1) Listing a new career or limited position

  • Complete the Request to Recruit and Limited Hire and Job Description Form
  • Your HR Generalist will then review the job description and forward to the Compensation Department for classification (this process usually takes 1-2 weeks).
  • Once this job is posted by the originator (your HR Generalist) and approved by the Department Authorizer, it will then go through authorization by the recruiting office.
  • After being approved by the Recruiter it will then be open for applications, but the resumes will not be routed for two weeks (under the Fair Employment Act).
  • After two weeks, the resumes will be routed to the designated interviewers and you will go through the “selection process.”

Interviewing & Selecting Candidates
Your goal is to have a fair and effective process for conducting interviews. Statutes governing fair employment cover the interview process as well as the selection of the candidate. For more information about interviewing guidelines, refer to OHR's Interviewing web site.

Department Responsibilities Checklist for Criminal Background Check Policy

Designating a Position as Sensitive

  • Review the duties and responsibilities of the position against the criminal background check criteria and determine in consultation with your Human Resources Compensation Consultant whether the position should be designated as sensitive.
  • If the position is sensitive, document this information on the Job Description and/or the Criminal Background Check Worksheet, and place the Worksheet in the department’s recruitment file.
  • Include a statement on all position descriptions, recruitment information, and announcements that the position is sensitive and will require a criminal background check. Also state that employment is conditioned on successful completion of the check.

Reporting a Hiring Decision

Supervisor completes:

Supervisor should then give all paperwork to the HR Generalist including the resume and/or application of the selected candidate:

Please contact your HR Generalist before making an offer to a potential career or limited appointment employee.

Hiring Procedures for Staff and Limited Term Appointments

Information needed from PI or Supervisor:

  • Completed Request to Recruit and Limited Hire Form (signed copy indicating dates, rate of pay, fund source, and job description)
  • Candidate’s c.v.
  • Please contact your HR Generalist for more information on hiring process and required supporting documents
  • Once the appointment has been approved, the prospective hire will be contacted to set up an appointment to fill out hire documents.

Make sure to include the dates from start to end of employment. Also be sure to review the policy regarding limited employment.

2) Reclassification

Detailed reclassification information can be found on the HR website.

3) Separating an Employee

To begin the separation process, supervisors must complete the Separation Checklist for Supervisors in advance of the termination date. It should also include the employee's resignation letter (if applicable) and all missing timesheets.