Budget & Finance

The Team 9 Budget & Finance team assists with financial operations and resource allocation. Finance staff members work directly with unit directors and chairs to provide oversight and guidance on state, gift, and endowment revenue, and recharge funding.

The Finance team provides services in several specific areas. The team works closely with individual units to ensure compliance with state and university regulations and policies. It helps clarify operational procedures and policies, furnishes ad hoc reports, completes budgetary forecasting, and serves as a liaison with the Business Contracts Office in preparing, submitting, and tracking business contracts. The Finance team deposits cash, credit card data, and checks into the campus cashiering and gift management systems, and manages petty cash accounts and revenue funds. The team also works with units to establish and revise recharge rates and assists with completing the required annual Self Certification.

To learn more, contact resfinance@berkeley.edu.

Relevant Policies

Bank Deposits

Business Contracts

Cash Handling and Petty Cash Policies

Deficit Clearing

Recharge Office