Team 9 Unit Heads


John KasoDirector, 664-4218, 847-5897

Anita BaileyHuman Resources Manager, 666-3310

Adam BerkeContracts and Grants Manager, 642-6173, 926-2059

Latara Harris, Human Subject Protocol SupportReceiving Supervisor, 643-0384

Shivani BhatiaManager, Purchasing, Travel, and Reimbursements. 664-9526

Team 9 Mission Statement

Team 9 will facilitate and help grow UC Berkeley research by providing the highest quality of research support and becoming the model for customer service that other units and campuses will want to emulate.

Team 9 Vision

Team 9 will be efficient and cost effective, and will demonstrate research administration expertise. Team 9 staff will be responsive, accurate, and civil. Team 9 will provide a single point of contact for each research unit to coordinate solutions across the various Team 9 functions. Team 9 will simplify and standardize processes and systems, but remain flexible in adapting solutions to the needs of the research partners.

Team 9 Values

Team 9 values highly trained staff who have the appropriate authority to make decisions and who work as a team in partnership with the research units. Team 9 staff should show initiative in communications, problem solving, cooperation, and above all else, be professional and respectful in their conduct with our research partners and with one another.